office 3D logo made of mdf by a cabinetmaker?


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The majority of my customers are interior designers and architect. When we are asked to make a 3D logo, we use gemini or one of our vendor and they make them of acrylic.

Now, I see more an more logo made of MDF by cabinetmakers. I actually nerver saw one in person, but from the pictures I've got, the look seems very clean and smooth.

I'm wondering if it would be cheaper/easier to make them in MDF instead of acrylic. Does anyone have experience and/or feedback about this?



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can you post a photo? MDF can be carved & painted, however the porous edges need to be sealed and sanded smooth, you can buy a "filler primer" that has a very high solids in it, you give it 2-3 coats of that with sanding in between and it should come out nice. But keep in mind MDF is basically cardboard, it dents very easily and it can swell in damp environments.

You have to weigh up if all the finishing steps are worth the material cost savings.


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The right material for the job. MDF works great in some applications and is crap in others. PVC, acrylic, hdu, foam boards and any other materials are the same.

One thing to note is there are different grades of mdf. Some is awful and some are really nice. For example, Medex is really nice mdf. It's a much higher density than most MDF boards


+1 for the photo example. If it's going in an office, that's one thing, but if it ends up on someone's bathroom wall, you better hope it's thoroughly sealed...


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Almost all 3D logos I sell goes in the lobby or reception of the offices. The only picture I have right now is too far away. But I've asked one of my customers to send me some photos and if they have the time, the prices and specifications of them.