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anyone else get this email?


Just thought you'd be interested in this - maybe good for the Nanuet area...


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Just announced: Low-cost outdoor banners boosts walk-in business and sales for Shops and the Retail Industry.

Forget about heavy, bulky and expensive banners at around $200+ from the local sign shop - now you can order lightweight outdoor banners for just $69 direct from the manufacturer. That's a an almost 10-foot long outdoor banner printed with your design of words, in your choice of bright colours, and delivered free to your door in days.

And it's not just the low price that's attracting Shops and the Retail Industry, but also the simplicity of designing and ordering. Just a few mouse clicks on the manufacturer's innovative website to see exactly how your finished banner will look - with your design of words, banner lengths from 10 to 26 feet in a range of bright colours, and with free delivery to your door in Nanuet.

Whilst the signwriting on retail businesses provides branding and image, it's the regular use of promotional tools such as these bright and lightweight outdoor banners that can really put a fire under special offers and promotions, open days, product launches - or simply by capitalising on special times of the year and appealing directly to that market.

Outdoor banners continue to be a powerful marketing tool, highly cost-effective because each banner 'flags down' your easiest potential source of business - those already walking or driving by. Outdoor banners always were - they just got expensive and therefore got forgotten.

And now inexpensive outdoor banners are back, direct from the manufacturer to your door, and ideal for sales promotions and advertising special events...

Read about strategies for designing and using outdoor banners on a special page purely for Shops and the Retail Industry at www.Custom-Outdoor-Banners.com

Or to go direct to the manufacturer's Design & Order page to see photos, full information, prices and to design and order your own outdoor banner, go to www.AmericanBannerCompany.com


Read the fine print...

Order online today, choose your Outdoor Banner length (3-8 metres), design it with just a few mouse clicks,
and within hours it's being made in our Shanghai factory

I guess that price doesn't include shipping across the ocean, huh?

And I love their guarantee:

We GUARANTEE that your banners will approximately match the colours, word styles, letter size and position of your online order - otherwise we will refund or replace the banners at your choice.


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Price includes shipping.......

Once they get volume they can consolidate air shipments to the US via Fedex or UPS logistics division...Once they get to the US they are put into the domestic distribution system (UPS or USPS).....The packages are prepared in China complete with labels for final delivery....