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ok more problems with my 300v


New Member
i got the red droplets taken care of..just needed a good cleaning.. now im trying to print at high quality and it seems to make about 10 passes then it stops resets and starts over..im not losing the print but its just going so dead slow im ready to throw it out the window..anyone ever had this problem before???


New Member
Be careful cleaning the encoder strip. Use denatured alcohol and a lint free, clean, and very soft cloth. Might take two cleanings. Be sure it's back down all the way in the track before you re-start the equipment.

It's markings are sort of fragile. Good luck.


New Member
Are you using Versaworks?

Do you have "Rip while Printing" selected? Or are you ripping another file while you're printing? If so, that can definitely cause trouble.