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Old Omega can't read new Omega??


New Member
Another one for the Omega users!!

I've designed a sign on a brand new version of Omega...I take it to our shop to cut it out the next day and when I try to open it I get a "File written by newer version of Omega, file not readable" message!

We upgraded our shop version from Graphix Advantage a couple of years ago but one would think that it should be able to handle the new files!

Do I have to resave the original file as something else and import it??

Seems odd.


New Member
The old omega can't read anything saved in the new version. There is an option to "save as" plt 1.56 version.

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
Pretty much any software you get will have this issue. Files are generally backward compatible but not forward.

I have two seats of Omega. One was updated to 2.1 and the other is still running 2.0.2. I haven't upgraded it yet (it's a free upgrade) because I wanted to insure that there were no bugs that might cause a problem. The version 2.0.2. won't open the files saved from 2.1.


New Member
Thanks a lot guys, the things you learn here!!

I saved it as a 6.2 and it worked perfectly...thanks again guys.