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Old Roland Stika on EMAC USB


New Member
OK, so I have a tiny Roland Stika 12" cutter that i have been using for a long while at home. I have it set up in my garage with my old mac 7200/120. It plugs in via paralell cable to a PIA adaptor which plugs into the modem port. I got this idea that maybe I could bring it inside and hook it up to my emac where I do all of my design work. Went to Frys looking for a paralell to USB cable. Found it, got home, plugged in, went through the productin manager set-up (Flexi 6.6 Pro) named the STX-8, conneceted via USB... but it wouldn't let me. The only option it accepted was USB PIA. I went back and returned the cable and the oh so knowledgeable Frys staff couldn't help me.

So, where in the chain is it failing? If I get an adaptor for the modem plug to USB (looked like a PS2 to USB adaptor might fit) would that work? I even tried a different Paralell/USB that runs faxes and scanners, but it had PC drivers only. That failed too.

Any hope for my relic?