Omega 2.0 to AutoCad


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I do not have any version of AutoCad. One of my clients needs me to email a logo to him in AutoCad format (.dxf). I keep trying and it keeps showing up as a (.win) file. What gives? Is there a trick I don't know about? Thanks!


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its an email error, its happened to me before recieving customer files, tell them to zip it and it should work. :thumb:


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We use AutoCad for all our templates and prototype displays. Occasionally we have to make Omega and AutoCad "work together". I've had the best luck transferring files by sending an .EPS to Adobe Illustrator, exporting as a .DXF and then e-mailing that.

As far as receiving, though, I've never had a problem IF they save the .dxf as an OLDER AutoCad file. Sometimes (I guess it all depends on the mood that day) the files work with AC 2000, sometimes it has to go back further. We haven't updated our AutoCad software as of yet, but we have had the same problem with files sent in by clients with the newer versions.