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Omega 2.0, viewing my project "Filled(F8)", I must be doing something wrong...


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Okay, I know this subject has been touched on several times now, but I really can't figure it out. I am trying to create a drawing of some signs that my sign shop will eventually build for a client. The drawing will be emailed to the customer to get their approval before we build the real thing. My problem is, I can't get everything colored correctly on the drawing. When I view my project as wireframe, all of the colors are where they should be (I think?), but as soon as I hit (F8) the signs turn completely black. When I go back to wireframe, all of the detail and wording is back. If this is a layering issue (move to front / back) I have been having issues figuring that out as well.
I would even be willing to email you my "black boxes" to see if you can figure out the problem. I don't know what else to do, but this has been a reoccurring problem since I switched from Graphix Advantage 6.0. Thanks for any help you can give!

Fred Weiss

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There are different views named

  • Print Order - Design
  • Print Order - Output
  • Vinyl Only
which each will interpret your layout differently depending on cut, fill and vinyl assignment. Then there are the "layers" which are changed using the Move to Front and Move to Back commands. Finally there is the 1234 dialog which will sometimes show you that your print order is out of sync with your layer order. Most likely, if you Select by Vinyl and select black ... then send it to the back, you will correct your problem. the balance requires you to practice and watch the effect different variations of the above settings will give you.