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Omega 2.0


New Member
I'm thinking of upgrading to Omega 2.0 and just wanted to get some opinions on it from other people.


Dale Horn

New Member
Biggest change I like is making the true type fonts easier to use.
Choke/Bleed is still not fixed.
Double cut is a nice feature if you need it.
Pantone colors updated.
Node editing is still hell. They need to work on their user interface (it's still stuck back in the 90's)
Still restricitve on the type of consumables a person can use.

A person might be better off saving their money for SignLab.


New Member
Thanks Dale,The problem is we have 3 systems 2 with GA 6.2 that run 2 of our routers and 1 with Omega 1.56 that we use for design work and run our plotters.So I'm thinking of upgrading all 3 to the same level to avoid any problems. Also wondering how the new arpath 2.0 is.

Dale Horn

New Member
I see - well Omega 2.02 would be quite a step up from the GA. You could upgrade the 1.56 for ~$375 USD to test it out.

If you take digital printing/Edge work out of the equation then a competative upgrade of Flexi Pro(for a larger shop) would be something to consider. For straight vinyl work it would be alot better than Omega.

Bob Gilliland

New Member

If you have an Edge/Edge 2 as part of your equation and do a lot of Spectratone or PANTONE work, I would strongly recommend moving to Omega 2. With the latest version currently available, 2.02, the Color ID software option is now included. To me (if you did this type of output) this would make the upgrade a sure hit and very justifiable from a cost standpoint.

Regarding ArtPath…

Two features I really, really like about ArtPath 2.0: A) You can view the toolpaths in an animation and B) Support for grouped items coming into ArtPath (that was a big pain in the butt with some files in the past).

There a few other things here and there, but those two get the most work out from me. Both of these items and a few more could stand some additional attention, but resources being what they currently are at GSP, I’ll wait my turn in line.

As to a working “mixed version” environment; has been done in the past and still being done today. Some shops are simply refusing to move past GA 6.2. So yes, it’s doable. May be a bit of a pain having to remember to “save down” when some of the files will be used on the older software. But other then that, no problems.