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Omega 2.5: Layer problem?


New Member
Hi All,
I have newly upgraded to Omega's 2.5 version, and I am trying out the "Layer Manager" feature. I seem to have run into a problem... Any help appreciated!

Here's the deal:

In Layer 1 I have a shape (vinyl).
In Layer 2 I have an image, with a clipping mask applied.

Layer 2 sits above Layer 1, both layers are set to "show", but I can't get the clipped image to display on top of the vinyl shape.


Thanks, Ed.

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
I don't yet have version 2.5 but would suspect that the problem is with two different vinyls in the job. Presumably your clipped image is set to white vinyl and the underlying cut vinyl is some color.

If you are going to be overlaying one on top of the other, then perhaps a knockout of the underlying vectors using the clipping mask vectors and the Effects > Overlap tool may provide what you need. Or, it may just be a View issue. Try changing the filled view from Print Order - Output to Print Order- Design or vice versa. Also check te 1234 dialog for the order you have the vinyls set to.