Omega 5, Windows 10 and Intuos 4 tablet

Karen Souza

New Member
Hope someone can help.....Just got new Dell computer with Windows 10, Fresh install of Omega 5 (which I've had for 5+ years new in box) and installed Intuos 4 Wacom tablet (about 8 years old) put in the latest drivers for the tablet.
The problem I am having is other than point and click most of the tablet functions that would work like your mouse, don't work in Omega. Photoshop seems to be Ok (haven't worked with it thoroughly yet)
I looked to see if there were any patches/updates on Gerber's site for 5.0 and found nothing.
Any ideas what I could troubleshoot/do to correct this.? Using the mouse is out!


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If you are getting more abilities with Ps (which Ps has also been optimized for use with graphics tablets, especially with the more specialty pens post CS6 with regard to Wacom specifically, airbrush pen etc), I would have to be looking into if Omega is optimized for tablets.

If lacking results affected more then one program, then I would be looking at the tablet (drivers), Win 10 (updates especially) or something along those lines (even the tablet driver settings).

If the program hasn't been optimized for pressure sensitivity etc, then it really is just going to be your more basic input functionality and express keys (as they are just essentially short cut macros). Or look into your program's preferences and see if there are tablet settings that have to be "activated".