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Omega Bug Report

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
Just came across and reported a bug in Omega 2.0.2

It is possible to set Y-Axis repeats for Edge prints that exceed the available image height. The system will print the job and the top of the image will simply not be there.


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Jen Goodwin

New Member
Strange...This just happened to me today and I have Omega 1.56 and the image was not larger than the 11.75" print limit.

Dale Horn

New Member
There goes the profit on that job...

Sometimes if the x gap and Y gap make the image bigger and cut off the graphic's edge. This sizing thing seems to be a limitation in SignLab Flexi and Omega. In omega the taking the weed border off (unchecking it ) and going to layout >border in gsplot and setting it to zero helps.

This is where the WYSIWYG feature in the new SignLab7 should help a person avoid this. Every new software is going to have some weak spots.

Bob Rochon

Seasoned Sign Freak
I have done many repeats in 2.02 and havent run into that one yet at all, but I will keep an eye out for it.

The even bigger problem seems to be the shape between the 1&7 that wasn't set to clear LOL

DOH!:rolleyes: :biggrin:

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
That's because there's a bleed on the black and Omega doesn't combine shapes when it does a bleed even if they're already combined. It was everything I could do to get Tony T to see the wisdom of automatically welding bleed shapes that overlap when I was beta testing version 2. Maybe in version 2.5.

Anyway the cut line is there so it is correct when weeded.