? on Using Corel Draw 9 Library


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I need a image from my corel draw 9 library catalog , book says my design in on disk one, but cant remember how in the world to find it and get it from the cd to corel draw.

The one I am needing is fonts/symbol/stars1
but when I open fonts/symbol I am not locating the design number on the cd..
I am doing something wrong and cant figure it out. Have a customer here for a designs and will be back shortly to pick it up.

The image is a simple 5 point star.
Any help would be great!


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It's a font you need to install to your system. Then use Insert Character from the Text menu at the top. It will show up as a docker on the right. Choose the Stars font that you installed, then find the one you wanted and drag it to the desktop. That's how it is in version 10 and up so I hope it's there in 9.