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One big spelling mistake


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IDB Signs

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So, what kind of vinyl or material does one use for aircraft graphics? It has to at least withstand several hundred mph winds and temps well below zero, right?

James Burke

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It has to be intentional. Look at all the room they left between the "Y" and the "P". They will fix it only after enough eyeballs have seen it and have shared it on social media, and sites such as S101.

Who knows?...they might even try to sell higher priced seats just so you can say you flew on an instantly famous plane...millennials dig that sort of stuff, I suppose.

Cathay Pacific couldn't even begin to afford all the publicity this has generated.

My opinion? Marketing: Genius Level

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Arlo Kalon 2.0

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Early in my apprenticeship as a signpainter, around 1979, I was asked by another shop to come and cut out the masking for a huge electric sign face. This was obviously back when clear faces were painted from behind. It was a replacement for one side of a huge electric sign that was for a pharmacy. I used the pattern I was given. After I had cut the 4 foot high letters out of the word PHARMACY, I stood back and noticed the R was missing! Yep, it said PHAMACY. I pointed it out to the shop owner. He said "well, you're the first person to ever notice it and that sign has been up for years. I guess I don't need to tell you to keep your mouth shut about it". A few days later I drove my wife 20 miles to see the sign after the replacement face was up. When I asked her what the sign said she "pharmacy". I should add she graduated magna cum laude the next year from her university.