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Onyx 11.1.2 Roland RF-640 feed calibration & bidirectional (PRESETS)


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Good day!

Could anyone tell me how to load presets from Roland RF-640 to Onyx 11.1.2. As far as I can judge the power's FAN doesn't react to my values. I can adjust feed calibration though dunno if it works.... I didn't manage to find in Onyx the values of bidirectinal adjustments for a material loaded.

Should I updrate the driver for Roland RF-640 in Onyx or do I have an old version of Onyx?


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I've taken two screenshots. So the latest driver was released in 2015. I decided to use Calibration (%) - from the panel settings since Vacuum power doesn't react..... it doesn't matter what percentage I choose - it just does nothing... Bidirectional adjustment is unavailable.

Is it the same in newer versions?


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