Onyx 12.2 and Epson S60600


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Hi everyone

I've just had an Epson S60600 installed last week and although it's a lovely machine, I've soon realised I know nothing about it.

Coming from a Roland printer, I automatically used Versaworks so that's all i've ever known, I've now had to come away from Versaworks and I decided to use Onyx (12.2) in this case but I'm a little out of my depth.

Onyx Questions
I'm only just getting around to installed Onyx as I wanted a brand new computer to install it on but it's asking for Epson Control Dashboard but Epson seems to have changed this now to Epson Edge Dashboard and the new version doesn't seem to work with Onyx 12.2, I keep getting a popup saying 'Unable to open a connection to the Epson Control Dashboard' is this an error on my part or where can I get then original Epson Control Dashboard?

How do the 'Hot Folders' work? When setting up a 'Hot Folder' do you tick the 'get media and Page size from printer' option? If not how do you setup your medias?

I also have a Graphtec cutter so I thought it would make sense to use the Cut_Server to cut jobs in the future. From what I can see, it only accepts svg or xml files, ideally I would just like to use it like I did with cutting master and send the file directly from illustrator but i don't think that's going to be an option for me now seeing as I design on a separate mac computer now.

Can you have Hot Folders for Cut-Server? I don't see the option for this?

Epson Questions
On the Roland, I use to have a base point where I can set where I wanted it to start printing on the media, I also move the head along and then start maybe halfway along the media. I can't seem to find this option on the Epson, does it exist and if so how?

Setting up media, do you use it? I asked above about setting up a hot folder so this is both an Onyx Question and an Epson question but how do I set this up?

Take up roller, I see there are two options to use the take up roller, one so the media rolls up with the print on the outside and another with the print on the inside, I just wondered what everyone tends to use and why?

Finally, I have an i1Pro2 spectrometer, is it worth getting involved trying to perfect my colours and if so how?
I have read on here that it's worth it and I was always told to do this in my early days but I could never get a good result on my Roland so I just used the Default profiles which were not great.

Sorry for al the questions, I'm watching videos, reading stuff but I'm trying to learn fast.



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Cut-server is just for Onyx generated cut files. You need to add a cutcontour to your file and onyx will automatically generate the file to cut-server.