Onyx 12.2 Quickset question


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Hopefully someone with more knowledge of Onyx can help me out with this one.

We just bought a Summa F1612 flatbed cutter, and one of the features it has is the ability to cut out files without needing cutlines, to do this you need to add a 5mm thick black border around your file, the cutter then looks for the border with it's camera and cuts just inside the black border.

I have a client who send me quite a few printed inserts for vista signs, I would love to be able to use this feature and save a ton of trimming time. They way I accomplish the border in onyx is to put a 5mm bleed on the file and set the bleed colour to black.

My issue is I want to create a quickset so I don't need to manually do this to 100+ files at a time, but when creating a quickset in onyx the only options it gives you for bleed colour is white or last pixel.

Does anyone know of a way to automate adding this 5mm thick black border to a bunch of pdf files in onyx? is there another way I'm not aware of?

Thanks in advance.
Closest I could get was to specify a 16px black line in the "Bleed Marks" configuration section (lower right of the Bleed page). Not sure how thick this will print without doing a test.
Other than that, it seems like Onyx have decided that white or first pixel are the only options available.


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Try this. It may work... It does 90% of the time, never tried it with something like this though.

If you know how to do it in onyx.... Setup your file in job editor the way you are now with your bleed as a black color, Click file, export as quickset. Goto manage printers... Click edit, click import quickset. It should have a quickset with all the settings you changed in your last file.

Again... Never done it with something not specifically in the quickset edit option, but it may work!


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So I'm guessing you know how to add bleed in job editor... but just incase. Right click a file.. any file, goto job editor, Click finishing, Enable image bleed, for bleed type hit color, for color hit custom and type in your black... add 5 mm of bleed all around.

Click File > Export as Quickset > Save it as whatever you want your quickset to be named (It'll save it to your temp folder by default... I'd save it to somewhere you can remember, once you import you can delete it). Close out of job editor...

in Onyx hit File > Manage printers, Click your printer and hit configure - It'll bring you to quicksets... hit import, goto where you saved your quickset... import it, and thats it... your quickset will now add a 5 mm border to any file you want.

Luckily I just went through the same situation as you. Someone sent me 85 different banners that need pole pockets, and they didnt setup the file right... I needed to crop it to a specific size and then add 3" white bleed for the pole pockets as well as crop / tape marks. This trick worked perfectly... it's nice when you have 100 of the same setup and need to change each one.