Onyx 7.3.2 problems


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Anyone else hate the new 7.3.2 update? Due to printer driver limitations I have to run vista 64. I can barely print 1 job at a time and it only happens 1 out of 10 rip attempts. I'll get one issue fix and then a different problem will occur. If your having success with the new 7.3.2 give me a shout, and if its OK, like to pic your brain a little for some answers.

PNH Jake

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I am running 7.3.2, but am not having the problems you are. My problems involve transparencies...

I used to like this program, but it has made my life hell recently.


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Try either saving your files prior to PDF 1.3 this will flatten transparencies and let the Rip handle them better. You can also save out as an EPS and this should resolve your transparency issues.

Have you tried using Windows 7 64 bit?


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Onyx has free email support now through their site. Although it hasn't been very helpful at all to us, it is there, maybe you'll have better luck. If this program wasn't full of bugs and worked like it is supposed to it would be a nice piece of software.


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Does anyone know of any rips that produce a pdf, the client can sign off on?
We are looking at the hp latex and looking for the best rip.