Onyx 7 or flexi


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Hello, I am REALLY hoping you can help me. I have the following machines:

GraphTec 64"
JV3 64"
Flexi 8

I am have invested in all the equipment and software above. I thought this would be the extent of my investment for a partnership in a sign company.

I need cut contour pieces for this business to run at all! I know little to nothing about the sign world! I mean not a dang thing. The guy that has the knowledge and is setting everything up says I need Onyx 10. I found a legal copy of Onyx 7 for about a $1,000 cheaper than Onyx 10. Do I really need 10?

I really do not want to invest anymore money into this project!!!
Thank you so much for this forum, I am learning a ton! (btw, this is my first post)

Thank you
Candi =)


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Onyx is excellent at print-to-cut. Very excellent.

x10 is nice, but if you can get your drivers in v7 (which you can), go with it. x10 is a bit smoother and faster and has a few new features, but overall they're about the same. We ran a JV33 and Summa plotter for a couple years with v7 with zero problems before recently upgrading to x10.

x10 does run faster and better on a Windows 7 64 bit machine, but it's not a difference that will make or break you. If you can get v7, get it, you'll be more than happy.

One nice thing about it is there are a bazillion profiles available for the JV33.


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I'm not a huge fan of Onyx Cut Server - seems very basic and you once you create you print/cut file it is what it is. With Flexi and other Cutter Software you can do some limited changes to your cut paths and as long as you don't touch the registration marks you can do pretty much what you want to the cut area.

Onyx is first and formost a Print Processing software - and by that it is, IMO, by far the best Rip Processing Software. However it is NOT a SIGN CUTTING Software. Although it does have the Cut Server. So if you are looking for a Sign Program go with Flexi or any other sort of SIGN software.

Now to address the deal between Onyx 7 or 10. I just came from working with 7 and jumped to 10. For the most part I'm not seeing a whole lot of differances OTHER then the fact that as Media suppliers move up in Software they start to no longer account for older software. And by that I mean, specifically, in regards to Media Profiling and stuff like that. If you are into creating your own media profiles, which I highly suggest, then the version of your software is up to you and what you can afford.

If you are working with a budget and don't want to invest in what is necessary to be up to date then do what you have to do. But don't think you can just skate into the Sign Industry with a measly investment and open the doors and the money's just gonna start pouring in.


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Take it first hand from me.

ONYX> FLEXI in ALL aspects.


In all seriousness, If i had personally invested my money in the expensive equipment, i wouldn't run it with anything but Onyx.

ME PERSONALLY would go with 10, but if you have to go with 7, it's still better than Flexi.


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Onyx has what they call a Cut Server which is a partition of the software that reads a specific layer in your print file and seperates it to the Cut Server. Then when you print with the cut server option on, it gives you marks and a file name that you locate in the cut server directory. After you plotter reads the marks you hit Cut File in the Cut Server and it will do what it's supposed to do.

Sign Software is not the Same as Onyx - Onyx has no ability to create imagery like Flexi, Illustrator, SignLab or LXi etc.


The only reason to get Onyx10 is if 7 doesn't have drivers for your printer.
I run 4 printers off 7 and see no reason to upgrade.
Cutserver works fine although you will need a standalone vinyl cutting program.