Onyx gamma print vs postershop


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Hello new to all of this and just recently got an Epson s60600 and a summa plotter and the printer came with the free onyx gamma print. Im doing wall murals and some smaller wall decals for now. Should I upgrade to postershop? what are some good advantages ill get from upgrading the Rip software. is postershop any good? or should i aim for thrive. i would like to start out right so that i dont have to redo the files and workflow after i upgrade the Rip.



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Does gamma print have a cut option to drive your summa?

When we got our Epson s80600 and graphtec, we ended up getting onyx thrive because at the time it was on special and was cheaper than postershop. I still don't know what any of the differences are between the onyx products.

I believe I was told I could add cut server to onyx gamma print for around $500 if I wanted a cheap way to run my cutter, but gamma print is limited in options I believe vs. thrive.