Onyx Help, again!

I now have a different problem and I hope someone has a simple solution. When I bring an Illustrator file into Onyx it wants to change the dimensions. What am I missing when it comes to A. bringing the file in to begin with or B. is it a matter of understanding in Preflight - Preview and Size how to manage width and height and magnification? I need some clear direction, please explain to me as in the most simple of terms.
Thank you


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Sounds like the default roll size for the media is too small for the art, and it's scaling it. I always check to see that the ratio is 1:1. If it isn't I know something is up.

I am grateful for a response but am confused as to where this ratio setting would be in Onyx. Could you describe where it would be in very simple terms?
Thank you


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Just look in preflight, and where it says "Magnification" make sure it says "1" under "Preview and Size".


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What Kraig said, but also make sure the size of the media under "Maximum Print Area" on Preview tab is large enough to accommodate your image. If it's not, Preflight will shrink your image to fit within it, and not necessarily proportionally.


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Is there any way to stop Onyx from scaling files? Sometimes it does it if it is the wrong orientation. I guess i will just have to preflight each file.