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Onyx multiple pages distance


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i have some small badges to print and cut. So i set up small page sizes - 1340x500mm, so that cutcountour could be more precise with cutting. And when i insert number of copies, lets say 1000, i get 5 separate pages size 1340x500mm. Now im having problems with distance between pages. Printer automaticaly set it to 10mm. I would need at least 60mm.

Can i set, that contour square would be 60mm (30mm on every side) smaller than page? Because i don like that square is few mm from the edge. Now i have page sizes set to smaller than actual, but if i set align to center, it actualy isnt in center.

And i have another problems with contour cutting. With larger pages, for vans, around 2000mm length. Im (well, cutter is) having some problems with reading contour lines. And these problems are random.
First scenario: It gets to read the code, and i get error, that code is to small - but it is the same as on other side which is read fine.
Second sc: It reads code ok, left and right corner, then it travels up, and it should read that point in the middle, little black square, but it gets bye, and keep rolling... until media falls out, and i get error with media feed.
Third sc: It reads code ok, left and right corner, then it travels up, read that right middle point, and then travels left, to read left one, but it moves a little bit up, so that it doesnt find that left point. I get error for contour lines.

I dont have any possible idea what could be wrong. Is it a software or hardware issue.... i dont know. If i turn page, and try sometimes it works, or i get second scenario or third....


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Have you tried a 30mm offsets in the Placement Strategy configuration?
I think this might work for you.



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What cutter do you use? Woth a Simma, for example, there is no need to generate multiple jobs to increase accuracy, it have a panelling-functionality who do that work for you.


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i have mutoh kona. and yes, mutoh also has panell funcionality... But i think that accuracy is lower on longer panels... may be im wrong...

Signmeupgradhic: ok, that could solve size of contour frames and distance between them... thanks, will try!

we have to solve problems with reading contour frames...


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ok... after a while tech guy came over... he installed brand new onyx 18, because he think it is a software problem...

so, i created sheets. 100x100cm, set the distance between them, so i got multiple cut frames. But now im having problem with frames. on one edge they are only so height as barcode, so the cutter is having problems finding the line. if i rotate sheet, it cuts it, but it is searching for that line for quite a while... I think that this is because of sheets. If i set to print same amount of stickers on roll as on sheet, i get different frame...

This is frame on roll

This is frame on sheet

As you can see, on upper edge, frame is only as height as barcode... if i print on roll, it is as long as on lower side of picutre. Ok, in my case, in upper picture, there is a whole frame, because it is so short frame...