Need Help Onyx Thrive 11 latest driver


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Ok at the advice of the onyx team. I thought i had a printer issue on my hp latex 310 and overwrote my print driver when i uninstalled and re installed onyx. I am running onyx 11. Now Onyx says they no longer support it and wont give me the driver. Would like to upgrade to 19 but want to wait a bit. Anyone have the newest driver for 11 or know where i can get it? My grays are now printing green. I unstalled the latest driver and reinstalled the 11 driver that shipped with my product. Going to the 19 trial version did solved this. I have 30 days to fix my old 11 or will have to be forced to upgrade.

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Change the name of already installed version 19 and install your version 11 program. The program automatically takes the already installed drivers.
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If your grays print green, you should check your printheads. At first I would print the internal sample print accessible through the profiler to check if the problem is printer related or software related.