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Onyx Thrive 12 profiles for HP Scitex FB550


New Member
For the last 8 year we were working with an HP FB500 and just recently purchased a HP FB550 with the white option. We are having issues with printing the quality we should get with the Onxy profiles that we used with our FB500. Wanted to know if anyone else has had issues using the color profiles in Onyx or point me in the direction of obtaining/downloading some new profile files. Any help would be appreciated.


New Member
Too many factors here...
How old are the heads?
Is the white in the printer old?
Did you know there is a recall on black and magenta inks on the printer?

I would suggest purging the system of ink on the colors you have having issues and adding a fresh box of ink with 5-6 ink fills helps A LOT.

Did you color calibrate your profiles?