Onyx Thrive 19 and Zund


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The issue we're having is with Onyx rotating the cut file without us knowing. I can't find a pattern, as it doesn't always do it, but it only occurs when we have Onyx add the cut path to the file in preflight. It also doesn't seem to matter which printer we use (flatbed, latex, solvent, etc).

I've checked, and then unchecked, the box for "Rotate output 180 degrees", and it doesn't seem to rectify it. Onyx points the finger at Zund, and Zund points the finger at Onyx. I've played around with placement of the registration marks also, but that doesn't help with symmetrical prints.

Aside from forcefully making the layout asymmetric, which can't always be done efficiently, does anyone know of a way to get Onyx to print their registration marks asymmetrically? Or at least print an odd number of marks?