Need Help Onyx Thrive / Cut Server - recognizing tools for different layers

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Just wondering if anyone has any tips to get Onyx Cut Server to recognize and assign proper tools for different cut layers.

For example, a decal job that will require a kiss cut for the inside path, and through cut for the outside path.

Using the Summa palette (since we're sending down to Summa F series - not sure if this matters), I'll assign CutContour Kiss Cutting Knife swatch to inside shape, and CutContour Cut Out Knife to outside shape. Bring the file in Onyx Thrive, send it down to print and and Cut Server does pick up the two different layers - BUT both of them are assigned the "Default" tool. I've tried a bunch of different routes and no matter what, the tool is always "default" when bringing in a cut file. Makes sense, but not what I want. Sure I can set it so the "default" tool is kiss cut, then I just need to edit the through cut layer, but there should be a more automated way to do this, no?

I spoke to a tech the other day and he mentioned that you need to make sure those cut path prefixes have been added to the quickset being used, which as far as I know I have done correctly.

Any suggestions? I can post screenshots if it helps.

Thanks in advance.

White Haus

Formally known as RJPW..........
Have you added tool profiles of the same name in Cut Server?
As far as I know - screenshots attached. Screen Shot_Quickset.jpg Screen Shot_Cut Server.jpg


You have spaces in cut server but no spaces in quickset on the names?
Does it really have to be that long? :D

And also, I think you need to send a new job every time if you change something. It won't be applied to current jobs if I remember correct. It's also enough to just have "CutContour" in quickset and it will accept anything that starts with it. The rest just needs to match 100% to what you have in cutserver.
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