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Onyx Thrive License Issue

Renato Pinto

Graphics Manager
So we have Onyx Thrive 421 and that gives us four licenses total to share between the two HP Latex 560 printers we have.

Ocassionally, when the RIP crashes, I have to force quit and then reopen the software. Most of the time, when I do this, it says I don't have permission or enough licenses to start. Out of the four licenses, it says I have zero available? I keep forgetting to take a picture of the pop-up that shows up.

But does anybody know what I'm talking about? Or how to fix it?

We get it to work after going in and out of the Printer Settings and force quitting a few times but I feel like this shouldn't be an issue to beging with.

Thanks for your help as always.


Active Member
The networking licenses is dumb for thrive.

It's 4 rips... So if you have a 4 core pc and your ripping 4 files on one... All your licenses will be taken up and you can't open it on another. I think it defaults to 2 per pc..

As for your problem.. I'm sure onyx server doesn't notice realize the onyx client crashed. It probably sends a ping to see if it's still open ever xx seconds... So I don't think there's much you can do about it.

You could try closing onyx on your server pc.
That may help.

If not You could set it up to rip 1 file at a time.so your only taking up 2/4 of the licenses... Not the best solution, but if it happens so much it may be worth it.

How come you have a dedicated rip pc for each printer? I'd just run them both on one and not ever worry about the issue.