Opinion on UCJV300 after a year or more


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I'm currently running the HP latex 335 and thinking to get the ucjv300.
The reason is to print white and clear.
I mostly design for customer so if I can print white and clear then I can also offer something new.

My questions:

-How hard is the maintenance?
-How temperamental is this printer (especially after a year or two)?
The latex is very very reliable. I did leave it for 2 weeks and print right away after I came back.
-How much trouble do you need to go when the shop is close (holiday) and open back to operation?
-I heard that Mimaki technician need to come once a year for service and it cost a lot?
-is it consume a lot of ink for purging and cleaning?
-Do you really need to use the white ink quite often just like the old eco-solvent to prevent blocking? I won't use the white ink a lot for the first few months (need to create the demand).
-Will the white ink become milky after a while? I used to have an eco solvent roland, the white particle always at the bottom so get purged more than the liquid. Whenever I got a white job, I need to buy new ink even it was more than a half. I did shake the ink every day though.
-is the clear as cranky as white?
-Can you put more pass just on the clear so the texture really come out?
-Can the ucjv300 replace Hp latex completely? I prefer just to keep 1 printer.
-I head that the new hp latex will have white ink, how about the clear? Do you think it worth the wait? I love the UV because of the scratch resistant too.

Sorry for the long list of questions. Thanks all.


I have the exact same questions. I'm just waiting for the announcement of the new HP to see if there is any white ink. If not, the mimaki will be my next printer. So I'm following this thread. :popcorn:


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Me personally, I would wait to see what is coming out from other major machine mfg's over the next few months.