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Opinions on Cougar???


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My company is insisting I get them a cutter to produce marketing materials in house. At first they thought they could get by with a SX-15 and are pressuring me to get them one, but I may have talked them into getting something a little better. But they won't spend much more and they want to move quickly. What is the concensus on the Cougar cutter and does it come with some sort of bridge program to use Illustrator or Corel? Also do you have some suggestions for a supplier?


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I only know of Roland who comes with software/drivers to cut direct from Illustrator/Corel Why not look into the Roland GX-24 desktop cutter? Huge improvement over the hobbiest Stika. I too owned a Stika and outgrew it in one month. Luckily for me I was able to sell it on ebay and to another company out in Switzerland. Also check out the Designtech 60 which is made by Graphtec for SSK Sign Supply. Both are modestly priced and made by well known companies. Support/Tech/Parts will both be available easily.