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Optically Clear Poly or Vinyl for Glass Installations - HELP

CL Visual

New Member
I'm looking for help in finding a suitable material. I do a lot of event work and mount clear film printed with white UV ink onto mirrors. There are a few things I'm looking for below. Please let me know if you have any experience with these films.

must haves

1. optically clear
2. UV printable
3. 48" width minimum
4. Scratch resistant
5. wet install
6. Low tack - easily removable after event

I've tried a GFP vinyl that is cheap and looks great but scratches easily. Flexcon window deco scratched easily as well. I got a sample roll of a mactac product that is great in every way except is has a very aggressive adhesive.

White Haus

Not a Newbie
Have you looked at the Drytac Viziprint impress clear? Comes in a UV version. Prints well on our Oce Arizona.