Oracal 3620 Removable Clear


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I am having trouble running Oracal 3620 removable clear on my Versacamm Vp-540
on any solid coverage areas i run into heavy banding and light ink pooling

Ive tried running several profiles, none seem to make much difference
I cant find a profile specifically made for this media for versaworks

anyone recommend a profile or a better removable clear vinyl?


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I'm not having the problem of banding. Our colors are coming out solid except for spotting. We're using a profile, i believe we found on the Oracal website, 3621G. Which seems to work just fine.

But I too am having a problem with 3620 G Transparent. On solid color it is leaving color spots, in my opinion it looks like germs you'd see in a petri dish. We think its a static problem and are trying to wipe it down with a damp cloth but it's a hit or miss outcome. Some prints have been fine but others are not. The color is coming out solid though. These spots are just driving me crazy.

Did you find a better profile? try looking on their site. Any thought to my problem? thanks.


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when i print on clear i just use the gvcp glossy calendered vinyl profile actually i use that profile for everything.