oracal 3651 backlit sign


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is it a good or bad idea to install oracal 3651 on backlit sign?

is not the one with the dark backing, customer doesn't wanna pay for the translucent vinyl, it will be black,orange and white.

he wants me to use regular oracal vinyl
since its 3 colors i was thinking about printing this one.

is this a no no?



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I would think with the grey backing (blockout) that it would not light very much if any but cheap is the word and how much can you expect.


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if you want it to look like ***, then it is a great idea

Even regular opaque vinyl will not show the color well and will look very dark


We actually did our sign in 3651 as we didn't care about light shining through but were quite shocked at how much actually does. The main background is quite dark with lighter letters and the letters light up quite well.


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thanks everyone, i don't know what i was thinking??

the logo has a a black background with all the letters being white and just and about 1 sq. ft of orange.

so using black translucent vinyl with negative cut letters should do the job.