Oracal 3951RA

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Anyone ever have 3951RA/290 leave all the adhesive on what it's on. This is on a trailer that I own, we wraped it almost 2 years ago. We started removing it today and the vinyl is leaving every bit of the adhesive on the trailer. The back of the vinyl is almost perfectly clean. We have most of it off now but still have to remove all the adhesive. It's going to take forever.


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(after three months, I am just regaining the feeling in my finger tips :)

Rapid Remover + patience.

Good luck.

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Heat only made the adhesive gummy and harder to pull the vinyl off. The adhesive still stays on the trailer. I guess it will long week with the Rapid Remover, not sure how much patience I will have though.

GP- I am thankful that this is only a 5 x 8 trailer and not something larger.