Oracal 651, Work as Dry Erase?


Nope, red strains it. Get some dry erase overlaminate, it works great. Fellars has it.


I'm currently using Kapco material now. My plotter doesn't like to track it straight, everything else goes through, which is extremely odd.


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We've been experimenting with the 651.
I have a piece that I wrote on with red, blue, black and green a couple of weeks ago.
It leaves a ghost image if you just wipe with your finger, but still wipes off clean with a damp paper towel. Red is definitely the most difficult to wipe off.
We'll see after another couple of weeks if it's still wiping off clean.

Thanks for the Fellers tip. They just opened a new store in my area, may have to give them a call.


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Secret dry erase material

A little secret.......Home Depot sales 4x8 sheets of ....I think its call Melamac....not sure....but its used in bathrooms....it is a perfect dry erase material. Its cheap. So if you need a solid sign for dry erase try it.

Steve Werner

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Both Hexis and General Formulations offer a very nice product. Hexis is their DW line, two different film thickness and 7 different widths. General Formulations is the Concept 111, three different widths.


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we also sell dry erase panels cut to custom shapes. PM or e-mail me for a quote....

These are not laminated w/ film, but are painted w/ special dry erase paint and baked from the factory.


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Everything I've tried, including two part epoxy specialty dry erase paint, fails in outdoor applications. The UV just seems to cure the ink into the surface, especially red. I don't do them anymore.


These are being cut and placed on custom cut out wood pieces for a national customer. I heard a rumor from my supplier about 651 working, figured you guys would know... Every time I've cut these its been a pain in the ***.

These pieces are 5"x14".


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"A little secret.......Home Depot sales 4x8 sheets of ....I think its call Melamac...."

You may be thinking of Masonite. That's what we use in our shop for a dry erase board. It's been working for over 3 years. It's really inexpensive. We got ours white one-side an put graph lines on it using vinyl.

I think Melamac is the stuff they make durable dinnerware out of. ??

Geesh, I just noticed the OP was from back in '09.
(guess I was bored and just surfing around the site looking for something interesting.)


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Thinking of Melamine?

That is used for whiteboards plus it has a good fire resistance rating, should that be important.