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Oracal 751 or 951? Opinions please

Justin Hamelton

New Member
I'm doing some outdoor signs for our school that will have me lettering some .063 gauge reflective sign blanks. My question is, should I use 751 or 951 vinyl? I've only worked with 651 so I am unsure. These will be signs for the shelter house and the pick up/drop off area at school, so they are in for the long haul and will always be outside. In Iowa. is there good or bad things of either one I should be aware of? Just want to make sure and get what will last the longest. Thanks all


New Member
Last longest would be 951. They are both cast, many would be happy with 751, 951 here.
We use751 for 95% percent of our cut vinyl jobs and then we use 951 for more demanding applications like horizontal surfaces. Either way you go will be fine, but technically 951 is going to be superior as far as durability.


New Member
951 is my standard. When I started I used everything. Various problems with various products. Usually when I tried to save money on vinyl. No problems since I standardized on Oracal 951.


New Member
I vote for .....651..
I'm a bird. Cheap cheap.
I've seen 651 on aluminum go 5 years in the Phoenix sun. Looked like the day I put it on.

I can't afford to buy rolls of that expensive shoot. Am I relating to anyone?


A Fellow Sign Guy!
751 in my opinion is the way to go... only way I would use 951 for something like this is if they deviate from a color not available in the 751 line. However, parking lot signage should be your standard colors... I would use 751.