Need Help Oracal Question

Jim Hill

Can someone tell be the difference between Oracal 3640-G and 3641-G
They are both 4 year life calendered vinyl.
I have used Oracal 3640-G in the 30" size for over ten years and now it is becoming harder to find so they tell me 3641-G in 30" in available instead.

They are telling me the difference is in the color of the glue!

Thanks for any input you might have.


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3640 uses white glue. So the back of it will be white. 3641 uses grey the back will be grey

Other than that, it is the same.

Some people like grey because while it's not a true blockout vinyl, it does a better job at blocking out anything underneath of it than the clear glue does

While some like the clear glue because you can use it for second surface print, or they want both sides to be white on a window, etc.

Print wise its the same, and either should work for you, unless you have a special use case as above
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