Other possible graphtec machines?


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Our shop is currently using a graphtec 2000-CE for our vinyl cutter and its a fantastic machine and we have never had any major problems with it. We also have a roland printer/cutter and its a huge steamy pile of crap on its best day! So Im trying to find out if graphtec makes any very reliable printers that also do cutting. Its getting old layering different colors of vinyl on small decals when we could knock them out in a few minutes if it was a single layer printed decal. I was hoping some of you more experienced folks could give me some advice on what graphtec printers work well and are fairly simple to use. Thanks in advance!


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I think that if youre looking for reliability you should be looking for a seperate print and cut system. Remember that a majority of the time you have to take your print out to laminate it anyways. Look into the ValueJet. We purchased one in January and I've loved every minute of ownership. Plus you get two machines one that prints a full 48" and a cutter for the same price that you get the Rolland 30" all in one.....think about it....