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Out of the Dark

Michael P

New Member
Hello everyone, I found this site quiet by accident and boy am I glad I did ! I've been looking and reading and definitely learning... I am new to sign making and vinyl but yesterday I jumped in with both feet, purchased a new Summa C60 and Flexi after much reading on this site. Had a slight problem installing Flexi program but after a brief a call to Flexi tech support I'm up and running and experimenting. I cut my first sign this afternoon to go on the back door at the office "Employee Entrance Only" You would have thought I put a sign on the lawn of the White House, boy was I proud.

A lot of you have helped already and may not know it, but Thanks to All ! I'm really looking forward to learning more and progressing, Thanks Again !


New Member
well I am new to this forum I was a screenprinter from about 1979- 1996 when I had a stroke bought my pnc960 about 1.5 years ago I have used corel since release 1.1.0but there is still some to learn I'm 45 & married 26 years this Nov.I'm looking for a sales person as I also sell Promotional Items. but hiring outside sales has been a nightmare for me I found this board fron the boards at usscreen