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Outline cutting problem


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I got a question for all you illustrator experts. I am making a design logo using text and need to figure out how to make an outline of the text (I want it to cut out the whole outline rather than a line. I have made the inside transparent and the outline red but when I go to try and cut it it only wants to cut a line rather than the outline of the text. I use fine cut with my mimaki cutter. If anyone has any suggestions that would be great. Thanks.

Fred Weiss

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There are a few ways to arrive at the same result depending on whether or not you wish to preserve the text attributes of the line of text. To do that:

1. Copy the line of text and paste it back to the page.

2. With the text selected, enter Control+Shift+O to convert the text to outlines.

3. In the Object menu, select Path > Offset path to outline it with another vector. The dialog will have a masurement for the offset. If, after you do the offset, you like it then fine. Otherwise enter Control + Z to undo and try it again with a different amount of offset.

4. Select and ungroup (Control + Shift + G). Select only the original text that you outlined and delete it. Select the outline and assign it a red fill then make it a compound path (Control +8).

5. Position the text on top of the outline. Due to the nature of text you will not be able to use the align features to do this and you just have to do it by eye. Give the text a white fill.

If you don't need to preserve the text attributes, then keep the original path in step 4 and it's ready to print and cut at that point.


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Your "outline" is most likely a stroke weight. This gives the appearance of a thicker line and you can give it its own color. But switch your View to Outline mode and you will see only one line to your shape, no outlines. So your creation will print ok (the outline will show) but if you want to cut it will only cut the orginal line.

To make your outline a "true" vector shape you will need to select "Outline paths". This will create a vector line at each edge of your outline. If you have a shape that has both a "fill" color and a "stroke" color, when you select "outline paths" you original line will remain. If you only have a "stroke" color and no "fill", when you select "outline paths", only the edges of your outline will have a vector shape. Your original line will be gone.

Try using the "Ofset path" option instead of converting your stroke weight to an outline. These options are in the \Object\Path menu.

Here is an example:


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Alright, now that I know how to do that i'm good, but know I have a problem when it comes down to outlining the text with a different color rather than just adding a stroke. I want an outline of the whole text or image (including the background) and then all I have to do is ungroup it and I have then two layers to cut. If anyone has any advise I would appreciate it. Thanks.