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This is what I am trying to do:

I am trying to outline a red object in black and I want the black to overlap the red just a small amount. How in the heck do you do this in Flexi?

I was going to do an inline and then an outline and just combine them but I couldnt get that to work.

Any help from the experts out there?


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Create your Outline and then use Color Trapping. It is on the same pull down as you Outline.
Hope that helps
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Should work, color trapping is the best way to do this in Flexi.
It is one of the nice tools that Corel does not have out of the box.
If you can't see the trap mess with the size and order options until it shows up.
If you can't get it to go post a screen cap of your objects.

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Thanks guys but just for future reference this is how I managed to do it: I had to use Corel then import to Flexi but hey...whatever works right?

I just created an outline around the object in Corel then "converted outline to object" and it leaves just enough overlap to avoid "white space" between outline and object.

How do the simple things end up taking up so much of your time?

I will try the color trapping next time..but I had to get this done today.

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OneUpTenn... your solution in Corel actually lead to one of the solutions in Flexi.

I am not sure if you know that "Outline" in Corel corresponds to a "Stroke" in Flexi, and "Contour" in Corel is an "Outline" in Flexi... since "Contour" in Flexi refers to a Print & Cut job (confusing, but each vendor has their own wording).

So, to do this in Flexi as you did in Corel...

Create your object, enter the Fill/Stroke Editor, and place a solid stroke around your object. As you increase the size of the stroke, it will distribute evenly on the middle of the original object, so it will spread on both the inside and outside of the original object (see attachment where selected was my original square). Once the desired thickness is set, go to the Arrange: Convert Stroke to Outlines menu option to convert it to a cuttable object in the design area. You can also select this option in the Advanced tab of the Cut/Plot dialog box.

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I just made a red square.
I added a black outline.
I selected this and went to color trapping.
Selected light to dark and adjusted the inline to where I wanted it and OK'd it
I went to effects and seperated the trap.
At his point I can select the red or the black with the color trap.
It works. It's simple. It's fast.