Overspray Around Black

Rickey J

I am printing with my SP-300 and I am using Flexi 8.5 and when I print something with black it looks like it has overspray around it. Dose anyone know what this might be from? Or what I am doing wrong.


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I don't know if your printer has a head height adjustment, but if ours is adjusted to high and I accidentally print on vinyl like that, we get the same problem.

Chuck Olson

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Do a manual cleaning of the printheads, wipers, & capping stations. And look for bits of fuzz on the sponge by the wipers.

high impact

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yep, do a complete manual clean. How does the test print look? Overspray is not good as it usually means "head". But I'd try everything else first.


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yep .......as the others have stated Rickey...........do a complete manual clean.