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Page displaying problem


New Member
I just had this problem starting this morning, I am running XP Pro and did restore to no help.

My ebay page will not display the search box and when I try to re-list or list a item I can not edit the desciption.

I thought it was just a ebay issue but looked on my other win xp pro pc and the page displays just fine.

All other webpages load as they always have.

The only thing that has been done recently was updates done by AI, Adobe, corel draw,and removed older java counsol and left newer version installed.
I have ran spy bot and no problems.
I have alot of physical memory dumps and wonder if i dropped a file?

Can I re-install XP and not loose my files like you could with win98?

I am attaching a pdf of what my ebay screen shows.

I have reset many of the window settings back to default to no advail.

I am new to creating pdf files so if you have a problem please let me know!

Thanks in advance for any help!


  • ebay.pdf
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New Member
Sometimes you can clear your offline files
to make a difference,,,
sometimes clear cookies as well !!!
Mine loads up from time to time,,,
clearing is about the only way mine
gets back to a reasonable "normal" !!!


New Member
It worked!! I did a disk clean up and removed cookies, temp internet files etc. Rebooted and its displaying correctly!
Thanks for the input!!! Much appreciated!