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Paint Overspray


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I was contacted recently by an insurance company about a possible wrap change and later by the customer to set up an appointment to look at the wrap. I haven't seen it yet but I have an appointment to look at the car tomorrow and I want to get some thoughts ahead of time.
The car was fully wrapped and later on a painting company's over-spray got on the wrap somehow and she/insurance company needs an estimate to replace the wrap.
Has anyone dealt with this issue before or have suggestions? Is there a cleaner/paint remover option first or is this usually a full removal/re-install?
Thanks in advance!


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Winsol Polyclean might do it, but from what I've seen it can take the sheen out of the signs/graphics, however, a small amount of overspray should buff right off. I've never used it on a fleet laminate, but we use it on street signs and such. With any cleaner you should test a small inconspicuous spot before going all out.

Depending on the severity of the overspray I, personally, would lean towards redoing the project.


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A clay bar is used on paint. I think it will scratch it/dull it but worth a try. The better ones are sold at autobody stores but you can get them about anywhere, probably even walmart.