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Opinion Pairing different brand of Vinyl and Laminate


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Hello, so I've almost gone through a roll of Arlon DPF4500 GLX and I have close to 1/4 roll of the Arlon 3420 Laminate left. I'm switching to Oracal 3165RA and the 210 Laminate for short term use stuff. Do you think I can get away with pairing the 3420 laminate and the 3165RA until the 3420 is used up?

Thank you
How short is short term. I would say you shouldn't have any issues for a golf tournament or something similar. I wouldn't trust it for anything longer then a week outside though. You just don't know.


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I was thinking maybe for race cars, since they get beat up anyways. Just don't want it to go to waste. But it may be the best to use the 210 Lam and save the 3420 for the short short term use. Thank you the input.


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Why is everyone saying not to do it? That Arlon is perfectly fine and maybe more durable than the 210. Mix away. I can't see any issue there. We mix stuff all the time. I only use 3M laminates and it's fine on any vinyl nearly that we put it on.