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Paneling - Flexi 7.5v5


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I have a question concerning paneling within FlexiPro 7.5 v5. I utilize a Panther Ultra Pro 24. I cut up to 23" but have this made up design which needs to be cut to a total width of 44" with a 1/4" overlap vertically. As you can see from the picture I believe I have it set up correctly. However, when I cut paneling it never seems to give me that overlap. If I am missing something, please fill me in. This has come up several times for me and I have just made due, but I would like to know how to do it correctly.

Perhaps if I need a 1/4" overlap do I need to have it set to 1/2" so each side would be cut at 22.25 or will it still cut it at 22.5?

EDIT: I just noticed in the picture the paneling states 23.5" I just forgot to change it to 22" to make it an equal panel on both sides.


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Looks like you've got it set up right to me. If you have to do some adjusting, though, that is the right kind of graphic...only two places it has to match up. When you have to panel big lettering, there's a lot of places it has to match up.

Mike Paul

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Looks like you need to select your tile option where it says 2 (grayed out)
Have you considered upgrading to 7.6? it's free and well worth it.


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By checking the option of 2 boxes you lose the ability to set the sizing of panels. In any event the starbust above was just a made up for example. I was trying to cut a 4x6 banner image for a local Chiropractor and the image I cut had to be almost butted together. I just could not get the 1/4" overlap to happen.