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Panther 24" tracking


New Member
I have a Panther Pro 24" and the tracking is getting bad in longers cuts. Any suggestions fron anyone that may have had this problem?

Scott Reynolds

New Member
My cuter tacks a good 40 feet, IF you set up the vinyl right. For short cuts, 1'-10', i just stick the vinyl in the cutter, eye ball it and go. For long jobs, I pull the vinyl through the cutter about 2 feet, and then unroll about 2 feet off the roll behind the cutter, match the two sides together (the one from the front, and the one from UNDER the cutter), pull the vinyl tight, and then up and down to make sure its stright, and then, push the set lever with your chin. I knows it sounds funny, but if you do it that way, IT WILL track 40', every time! On the Graphtec FC5100, I do the same thing, only I pop the set lever up with my forearm. If you want, I could post a pick on two.....


New Member
If your cutter is anywhere near a year old you probably need to replace the pinch rollers and clean off the drums (The part under the pinch rollers).