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Panther Pro


New Member
I just received my new signwarehouse.com catalog and noticed under Panther Pro/GRC they have a laser eye listed for $119. I was wondering if anyone knew if this was usable on the Panther Pro or if someone makes a laser eye that is cross platform perhaps as an add on? Thank you to all in advance.


New Member
No, laser eyes are used for registration. In other words if an ink jet printer printed on vinyl, you can load the printed vinyl in the plotter and the laser eye will determine this and know where to cut the outline. Panther's do not come standard with these, however it is listed under GRC as option. Just not sure if it can be used on a Panther. Panther's were known as GRC 60's and GRC 61's plotters before the model/Company was sold.

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
It could be either.

For example, some plotters use a laser or other vision device to detect the edge of the vinyl and to help keep it running straight by adjusting pressure on one roller or the other.

The other is typically called OPOS (Optical Positioning) and is used to locate a registration mark in each of the four corners of the printed image so it can then be decal cut. For Summa and Graphtec, the option seems to be priced in the $500 to $900 range. From what I was told, field installation is NOT recommended or offered.

Steve C.

New Member
It is used for registration. Signwarehouse tried to sell me one when I complained about registration problems. I think it is just a lazer light that you put in the blade holder for more acurate registration, It doesn't read anything. You will still have to register manually. two months ago it sold for $89.