Pantone 872...


I know this is a silly question, but what would be the best way to match the hue of Pantone Gold 872? I'm using Flexi 8.6 and a double sided super smooth PET banner material. Any suggestions?


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Best way would be to use a spectro and a custom profile.

Illustrator brings up 20/30/70/15 or 171/150/93 for RGB, when converted from PMS.

Or, you could put 10 squares next to each other with slightly different values and through trial and error pick the best square?


The most tedius yet effective I've found, if you have the time and material to spare, is to print PMS swatches on the material. Then, like Mr. Custom_Grafx says, it's trial and error.


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We always used to use either 100Y 20M 35K or 100Y 35M 20K to get a decent "fake" gold hue when I was working in the offset world. I can't remember which way the M and K values split, but I'm pretty sure on the numbers.

Using the LAB specs for most metallics tends to produce a casted version that doesn't look quite right when converted to process.