Particle Contaminant Remover

Hey Guys,

I'm looking for what I think is called a Particle Contaminant Remover. It is basically a silicone roller that will pick up any lint or debris front prints or substrates as you laminate or apply. Then simply roll across some scrap vinyl and the thing is like new. Anybody know where to get these. I saw a production guy using one at another sign shop and didnt get where to purchase it from.


Map Wraster
I use a tack-rag from the body shop. Works good for me & costs a BIT less.
Sometimes, the tack rag here goes by another name...
Thanks guys....ordered it.....they work great and are reusable...just roll across the adhesive side of a scrap piece of vinyl and its like brand new. Cost a pretty penny...but my boss was willing to pay. ;)