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Parts for Ioline studio 7?


New Member

I was hoping to find a new cutter head for my studio 7. If anyone has such a thing, please e-mail me direct signs@min.midco.net.

I have had this cutter for 12 years and it has cut a great deal of signage for me, was just hoping that maybe someone else had a cutter that another part may have went out?

We have purchased a new vinyl plotter so we can produce signs, but it would be nice to have the old one back running for the sign files that I have produced over the years. Now we are cutting right from corel draw, but we have used letterart prior to the new purchase and many of our files are in that format. I have tried exporting out of letter art and it seems to produce a NASTY cut file? All of the lines in a design are broken down into small segments that drive the cutter crazy!

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!


Scott Joern
A to Z Signs
Minot North Dakota