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Patching Stucco Foam Core Sign


Very Active Signmaker
Does anyone have any tips for how I would patch this stucco over foam sign and make it look good? What type of material would I use and what tools would I use to re-create the pattern? Is it difficult?

PS: I did not do the patch in the photo.


Johnny Best

Active Member
Knock off old patch and wire brush area to be patched and clean any residue inside hole. Home Depot has ReadyMix stucco patch, you will also need a small trowel or flexable puddy knife and some bonding agent to apply around hole with a throw away brush. Also a sponge and bucket of water to clean tools and clean up around patch.
Make sure you fill hole and even out flat to surface. Let dry for whatever instructions say on ReadyMix. Apply final coat and texture with the trowel to match existing finish. Prime and paint when dry.
Note, if you have some scraps of sign foam around stick that in the hole if it is large so as not to have a large glob of stucco taking a long time to dry. Thin coats work better and faster drying.


Very Active Signmaker
Thank you, I'll check out that stuff from de-pot. I guess who did this before just slapped a glob of cement-stuff over the hole and painted it. I'll be repainting and refacing the whole sign.